Digital Strategist, Marketer & Product Developer

Ade Camilleri forms part of the Media Plan Group 

A leading provider of bespoke digital products and services

Digital Marketing

Achieving, maintaining rapid and sustainable growth through various digital marketing products and market intelligence software – is a specialty of Ade Camilleri, also known as a strategic competitor intelligence analyst, digital marketing professional and product developer


To ensure your digital footprint is multiplied and amplified beyond your corporate website, the digital footprint marketing service continually amplifies and reproduces your website blog and digital content across a mix of web 2.0, social media, profiling and mirrored websites throughout the web. 

Competitor Intelligence

With a speciality in developing game and mobile apps, Ade Camilleri’s objective is to engage, retain and grow your existing database of clients and customer. With products ranging from mobile apps, communication products, casino games, website game and social media apps, our services are aimed to help you grow through the most unique and engaging applications we have available. 

Product Development

Nowadays campaign monitoring and campaign hacking strategies contribute to the strengthening of online campaigns which can be established on real time statistics and knowledge generated on the result of competitors advertising and marketing tactics.

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